Who we are

Andrew Erdrich is the Chef in Residence for BREAD! He is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Kansas City. He and Sean Starowitz have been friends since they first began attending the Kansas City Art Institute in 2006 and started collaborating after graduating together in 2010. Outside of his partnership in BREAD!, Andrew busies himself working as a silk screener for Vahalla Studios, making a mess in the kitchen, playing guitar in the local band The Sneaky Creeps, and pursuing artistic transcendence and inner happiness.

Erin Olm-Shipman is the Toastess with the Mostest at BREAD! KC.  A long-time proponent for community arts projects and museum outreach programs, she has held related positions at the Mount Holyoke College art museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.  As a manager at The Collectors Fund, Erin currently works to foster relationships between local businesses and exceptional Kansas City artists through The Kansas City Collection, a program that encourages the support of local artists through the building and development of corporate art collections.  When Erin’s not busy at her day job or keeping the BREAD! crew on point, she enjoys cooking and dreaming up delicious concoctions for the small bakery she co-owns, morsel.

Sean M. Starowitz  is Baker and Chef in Residence for BREAD!. Starowitz’s work is executed in a variety of social, political, and community engaged contexts. Gathering inspiration from everyday practices, Starowitz creates opportunities for alternative economies and exchanges, such as Wheels for Meals, BREAD! KC , and The Burnt Ends Residency.  Starowitz is a 2010 graduate of the Interdisciplinary Arts program at the Kansas City Art Institute.

6 responses to “Who we are

  1. We would love to have a Bread event in Lawrence. Who do I start a dialogue about this with? Cheers! MM

  2. Molly, apologies if no one has contacted you regarding a bread in Lawrence. I’ll have Sean shoot you an email.

  3. Jennifer Bohatyritz


    My Name is Jennifer Bohatyritz and I am the Arts Coordinator for the City of Gladstone, MO. I was interested in chatting with someone who could answer some questions about your granting process. Please give me a call at your convenience @ 816-423-4092
    Thank you so much


  4. email me: pearl@kauffman.org I have an event I’d like you to attend Nov. 12 at the Kauffman Foundation. Thanks!

  5. Think about a donation tab with a PayPal connection…….think about it……instead of drink and dial it could be drink and donate!!!! I have people here

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