Happy Three Years to BREAD! KC

Yes, we know it’s been a few months since our last BREAD! KC event, but when we said we were taking a break until 2014, we meant it!  And come on…better late than never, right?

Bread room

Over 70 people joined us for our pizza party at Farm to Market Co.

October 17, 2013 marked three years for BREAD! KC.  While Andy, Erin and Sean celebrated that night by consuming painful amounts of food (washed down by equally painful amounts of Old Overholt), the party and final micro-granting event of the year took place on October 20th at Farm to Market Bread Company, which has been one of the program’s biggest supporters since the very beginning.

Since everybody loves a good pizza party, we took that theme and gave it a good ol’ BREAD! KC twist.  Andy and Sean created a pizza stew that would have straight up blown Chuck E. Cheese’s mind: a tomato base with ground sausage, lots of cheese, and a tasty dumpling-ish crust.   It was good.  Real good.  Our good pal Craig Howard of Howard’s Organic Fare & Vegetable Patch whipped up a nice mixed-green salad, and Farm to Market supplied rounds of garlic cheesy bread.  A selection of beer was provided by Tall Grass Brewing Company, and Erin whipped up a birthday cake, complete with confetti sprinkles.

Bread cake

Birthday cake!

 It was a full-house with over 70 attendees, which generated a $600 grant for one lucky presenter.

Charlie, Danica, and

Charlie, Danica, and Lindsey

Charlie Mylie, Danica Wilson, and Lindsey Griffith enlivened the space with an inflatable, bubble-like stage, in which they plan to perform a traveling choose-your-own-adventure play that they’ve written.   The Minister of Information (aka Don Wilkison) and his daughter, Sarah Wilkison, pitched their proposal to pop-up in various food deserts and use their edible creations as a means to redistribute the wealth, so to speak.

Don and Sarah Wilkison

Don and Sarah Wilkison

Ultimately, the funds were awarded to Christian Hankel of Moneywolf Music, a local musicians collective.  Christian will use the funds to sponsor elements of Moneywolf’s Young Songwriters Contest, namely awarding free admission to The International Folk Conference, which is one of the largest music conferences in North America and is taking place in Kansas City this year.  Graham Nash is the keynote speaker.  It’s a big deal.  Expect to hear an update from Christian in the coming months!

Our October BREAD! KC grantee, Christian Hankel of Moneywolf Music

Our October BREAD! KC grantee, Christian Hankel of Moneywolf Music

Speaking of updates, one of our February 2012 BREAD! KC grant recipients,  Chris Cook, attended the event and updated the crowd on the We Are Superman documentary project.  To learn more about the film and what the producers have been up to, visit http://wearesuperman-themovie.com/ .

Words cannot express our gratitude, Kansas City.  Special thanks to all those that donated for this event, and Kevin Kinsella for once again being our trusty doorman.   We couldn’t do this without you, folks!

It’s been an incredible journey these last three years, and we’re looking forward to 2014!

On that topic…mark your calendars for Sunday, March 9th; it’s our first event of the year and we want to see you there.  We’ve missed you so!  Details will follow, so keep an eye out.

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