Grantee Follow-up: Pendleton Heights Community Table

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Back in March of this year, along with an amazing turnout, we had an epic tie (first time in Bread history) between two great community projects. One of those grantees who walked away with some crucial project cash flow was Dianna Sinni representing the Pendleton Heights Community Garden. When June rolled around Dianna invited us out to a community feast hosted at that very table, and we graciously accepted.

Pulling up to the community garden for the first time, it was obvious to see that the Bread! KC grant had found its way into very deserving hands. My first impression was exactly how this table acted like gravity for bringing this community together. As soon as we set foot on the amazingly re-imagined lot, now a growing community garden, we were warmly welcomed by a number of neighbors who had no idea who we were.

A beverage was placed in a koozie then positioned in my hand as we were led to the table where a spread of homemade delicacies were duteously offered. Upon explaining that we weren’t actual neighbors but attending as delegates from Bread! we were nearly overwhelmed by the positivity they garnished upon us. So, feeling like true neighbors, we loaded up our plates and bounced around meeting some of the folks whom made this community project go from prospective to reality.

Pendleton Table Process

Community determination, creativity, and sweat. (and of course food!)

When we caught up with Dianna she explained some of the details how this table became the magnetic centerpiece of their community garden. For starters this gorgeous 11 ft. long by nearly four ft. wide table was built with legs of Osage orange for sturdy long lasting support and a tabletop of ultra-strength, rot-resistant white oak milled into 3” thick slabs – all locally procured and processed. The end result of which harmonized as a natural focal point of their burgeoning communal haunt.

Dianna introduced us to and graciously lauded the amazingly creative and hardworking individuals whom helped bring the table to a tangible construction. Among the hands we shook were Brian Volz and Vanessa Eickhoff, inspired arborists in the group, who designed, obtained and constructed the fantastical table along with the sweat and determination of Greg Dillon, Brek Douglas, Jessica Bossert, Russell Gardner, Larry Becker, and Andrew Ray.

Lastly, Bread! KC was acknowledged as a significant team member and we humbly accepted this in the form of food remuneration.

But, that’s what we do, right? Bring people together in the name of art and community with the persuasive effusion of delicious food and the positive charge being a part of something that makes ideas reality. Now is the time to move your concept from paper to substance, so get started by filling out a Bread! KC Grant Application and keep an eye out here for our next event!

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