Liquid Bread

Liquid Bread is a spinoff project from BREAD! KC. In the same vein as the Bread dinner events, Liquid Bread events feature Sean, Erin, and Andrew slinging beer cocktails (A.K.A beertails) from their mobile bar in order to raise money for unsolicited grants. Whether it be relating to time of day, location, audience, the season, or a predetermined theme, all beertails are conceptually crafted to suit the event. Naturally, these events are completely open to the public (21+, of course) and funds are raised through suggested donations for each drink.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, “Liquid Bread” is synonymous with beer. Beer is basically bread in a liquid state and vice versa (kind of). The idea for this project stemmed from  The Speakeasy exhibition, which took place inside La Esquina gallery during the spring of 2012. The Speakeasy was a collaborative, social hub that featured conceptual drinks, good eats, and a variety of arts programming that reached 700+ visitors in just six weeks. Since the Bread crew had constructed a portable, custom bar for the exhibition, it seemed like a waste not to find another use for it.  After months of contemplation, they decided to use it to orchestrate an alternative Bread! KC format.

Through Liquid Bread, we hope to continue to  craft social situations in order to further community discussion and fund more projects throughout the KC area.

Interested in featuring the Liquid Bread bar at one of your events or exhibitions?  Drop us an email at

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