Bread Grant Application

Download a PDF of the Bread! KC grant application here!

Completed applications can be sent to us via email at


How does the application process work? Several weeks before each BREAD! KC event, we begin reviewing submissions. The application process is deliberately simple. After the deadline, the organizers of BREAD! KC choose 3-5 submissions based on these criteria:

Artistic Innovation — Is this an original and/or compelling project with artistic merit?

Community Impact — Will this project address or be of interest to the community that is funding it?

Administrative Skill — Is this a fully-considered project? Is it communicated effectively? Is it feasible? Can the artist or group execute the project based on the description?

Selected applicants are then invited to present at a BREAD! KC event.  We keep outstanding applications on file, and ask that the applicant notify us if they no longer need funding.

Who can apply for a grant? We encourage all artists, thinkers, and organizations at any stage in their careers to apply. Unlike conventional grant programs, artists receive funding immediately and therefore are enabled to create timely work.

I can’t make it to the event, can I still apply? No — You must be present at the BREAD! KC event  to present your proposal. Grant recipients are required to present their progress at a future BREAD! KC event.

What kind of proposals are the organizers looking to present at BREAD! KC?  There are no absolutes, and we love the diversity of applications that we receive. Nonetheless, we tend to seek projects that have an impact on the community funding them. This is very open to interpretation; it doesn’t have to be a civic or environmental project, it just needs to keep the community in mind. We see BREAD! KC as an opportunity to expand your current practice by considering how your community might participate more directly in your work. Think outside your practice — we are inspired by individuals looking beyond their everyday mediums to execute pointed projects that are creative, interesting and seek to engage, improve or define a community.

What kind of projects are likely to receive funding? After two years and hundreds of proposals, our organizers have cultivated a sense of which proposals are likely to earn votes. As with any grant, the main criterion is quality. No matter the medium, mode or method, if your proposal is compelling, thought provoking, and clearly communicated to the voter, you have a good chance of winning. Review the past grant recipients to see the variety of projects BREAD! KC voters have supported.

May I apply more than once? Yes, though we tend to give priority to Bread Chasers that have not yet presented.

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