Final Bread KC, for now….

Bread KC - Marlborough-8

Dear Friends, Supporters, Chefs, Farmers, Presenters, Recipients and the KC community at large,

BREAD! KC started its efforts with borrowed stockpots and high hopes to be a funding source for radical, new, and intriguing art projects. Never did we imagine a day that we would have generated over $25,000 in micro-grants and selling out 100 + dinner events. And that is why with a heavy heart that we will be doing our final BREAD! KC event on June 6th at 3 PM at the Drugstore in Midtown KC.

We will be going on an indefinite hiatus to take time to reflect on the project. Like we said, we started four years ago and haven’t taken time needed to investigate our work. The project has always been volunteer run and we are not getting in applications. We think it may have run its course but can’t be for certain unless we take some time to reflect, re-imagine or even better, maybe a younger generation of artist will do a better job than we could have ever imagined.

It’s becoming more and more evident that fundraising efforts are being more targeted to individuals. We’ve lost track of the number of online crowd-sourced funding models that are around these days. The fact is, funding for the arts really isn’t on the radar anymore when it comes to the government. And as a nation, we’re being confronted with all sorts of issues: with a limited budget, if it comes down to funding the public school system or a women’s shelter or an art organization, the arts are likely going to be considered a lower priority. That being said, we think we’ve taught the value of local support and the potential of getting a lot of people willing to donate a little rather than one person to donate a lot. The bottom line is, if you want to make your city an interesting place, you should do whatever you can to help support people that are doing interesting things.

There are so many individuals we would like to thank for the support over the years and it would be impossible to list them all. To all supporters, diners, chefs, helpers, presenters, recipients, food and beverage providers, and Farm to Market Bread Co., Thank you for all love and what a wild ride.

One response to “Final Bread KC, for now….

  1. Dear Bread! I am sorry I missed it. It sounds like a fantastic project and if you start up again, please include my email in the ongoing efforts.

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