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WOW! What an inspiring way to kick off the bread-breaking season, KC! We anticipated about 60 people for our last event. We’re not sure if it was the beautiful weather that drew people out of hibernation, the nice pre-event press we received from Recommended Daily and Chow Town , or the fact that we shamelessly lured foodies by touting our collaboration with Todd Schulte of Uncommon Stock, but we were pleasantly surprised when almost 100 people showed up at our last event! Needless to say, it was a packed house as we returned to Farm to Market Bread Co. for our 26th BREAD! KC dinner on Sunday, March 9th.

Christian Hankel of Moneywolf Music kicked off the evening by sharing with the group how he used his BREAD! KC grant to help sponsor young Kansas City musicians at the 26th Annual International Folk Alliance Conference . It was impossible not to be moved by the excitement and enthusiasm in Ethan Riding’s voice as he spoke about his experience and how it inspired him to continue pursuing his passion for songwriting. It sure does feel good to do good!

After everyone loaded up with rustic farmhouse bread (courtesy of
Farm to Market Bread Co.
), colorful spring spinach salad (featuring produce graciously donated by Door to Door Organics), and French-style potato soup topped with roasted kale, asparagus, and wheat berries, they sat down, cracked open their Tallgrass Brewing Company beers, and heard  from our Bread Chasers.

Matt Kleinmann and a group of architecture students from the University of Kansas spoke about their Better Block Lawrence initiative and its goal to create a more sustainable community. Don’t miss their upcoming event during April 25th’s Final Friday art walk! More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/457080101092570/

Dayna McDaniel of Seed Savers KC talked about the organization’s goal to promote and propagate heirloom (non-gmo / non-terminator) seeds and plants for our local community of gardeners, while Dianna Sinni of Pendleton Heights Community Garden talked about all the wonderful ways they’re transforming a formerly vacant urban lot in the Historic Northeast. For the second time in BREAD! KC history, the votes were tied up, so we split the $850 evenly between these two inspiring projects. Seed Savers hopes to invest their funds into building and maintaining their seed library, while Pendleton Heights Community Garden will use the funds to create a community farm table on site that members of the neighborhood can gather around for meetings, healthy-eating workshops, and meals.

Lemon bars were the sweet finale to the event, and everyone seemed to leave happy. Another one in the books, Kansas City!

We couldn’t have pulled this one off without help from Matt Vanberg and Kevin Kinsella – you guys are the best! Special thanks again to Uncommon Stock, Door to Door Organics, Farm to Market Bread Co., Tallgrass Brewing Company, Christian Hankel and Ethan Riding, all of our amazing presenters, and each and every one of you that came out and supported the event.

Stay tuned for details on our next event in June. Details to follow.


Join us at BANK Projects in St. Louis this Saturday, August 10th for the I-70 Series Cultural Exchange!

I-70 photo

We could not be more excited for this event!  Don your finest Kansas City / St. Louis gear and join us at BANK Projects (3420 Iowa Ave., St. Louis, MO) from 4:00 – 9:00 pm for this collaborative project of epic proportions, which aims to educate and activate the creative communities that reside along this central corridor.

4:00 – 6:30 pm :

  • ·         Tailgating in the parking lot, with beer fishing (bring a 6-pack of cans if you’d like to participate), grilling, and various games and activities.  KC’s roving retail store, CartWheel, and St. Louis’ ReTrailer will both be set up with all sorts of goodies available for purchase.

5:00 – 6:00 pm:

  • ·         Blind taste testing of various KC and STL products.  Think you can tell the difference between Nelly’s energy drink and Tech N9ne’s?  Give it a shot!

6:30 pm:

  •       Help us stage a KC vs. STL photograph from the event!  We’ll congregate in the parking lot of BANK Projects.  Make sure you’re wearing your city pride gear!

7:00 – 8:30 pm:

  • Please bring a dish that’s representative of your city to add to the pot.

8:30 – Close:     

  • ·         Stick around and bust a move to jams spun by DJ Miscela.

Any questions?  Feel free to drop us a line at breadkc@gmail.com.  See you there!

Coffee, Toast, & Tips

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Those of you that attended the November BREAD! KC Gala-lalala may recall that the tables were turned that night.  Bread Boys Andy and Sean, neither knowing what the other was planning, each pitched alternative fundraising models: one using the sale of coffee, and the other using toast.  As luck would have it, they tied for votes that night.  And so, using a portion of the funds raised during the Gala-la-la-la, they created the “Coffee & Toast” cart, which made its debut at The Speakeasy in April.

Much like the typical BREAD! KC event, food was used to raise money for three creative, project-based proposals by collecting money from diners. Each Sunday during the month of April, the boys rolled out their Coffee & Toast cart, which was generously stocked with Oddly Correct coffee, white, wheat and rye breads from Farm to Market Bread Co., and lots of Shatto butter.  Diners paid $4 for coffee and toast, then cozied up to laptops arranged in the space to view the presentations online.  The suggested $6 tip was then distributed to any or all of three available tip jars, each corresponding to a proposal.  The proposals focused on the notion of spaces, places, and hubs.  Congratulations to Bread & Glitter, Creative Commissary, and Front Space, whose videos generated a total of $130 in tips.

Although we would have liked to have drawn greater attendance at The Speakeasy on Sunday’s in order to generate larger grants for these three wonderful projects, we were happy to see that each video received about 100 hits on YouTube, which is great exposure for these organizations!  By the next time the Coffee & Toast cart rolls out, we hope to have addressed many of the issues we encountered this time around so that it’s able to function as a truly successful alternative fundraising model.

A very special thanks to Oddly Correct for the coffee and pour over training, Farm To Market Bread Co., Shatto Milk Company for making such delicious butter, Charlotte Street Foundation, Urban Culture Project’s La Esquina space, all the presenters, our generous toasters, and all our family and friends.

Crossroads Social Club + BREAD! KC

After a brief respite for the month of December, BREAD! KC rang in 2012 with a bang!  We had the honor and privilege of collaborating with Howard Hanna and the crew at the Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange.  Staying true to the late-night dining experience that embodies the Crossroads Social Club, we didn’t begin until 11:00 p.m….on a Monday.  But that didn’t deter any of our loyal supporters: we had over 60 people come out that night, and they brought ENERGY!

After enjoying drinks at the bar, attendees were treated to bottles of Long Strange Trippel, which was generously donated by Boulevard Brewing Company. Fresh-baked loaves of epi artisan bread from Farm to Market adorned the tables in the main dining room, as did custom napkins that were created specifically for the event by presenters Kelly Clark and Eric Dobbins of Field Trip publishing.

Howard and his kitchen crew prepared a traditional pot-au-feu (beef stew) that arrived in three courses.   First, the clarified broth was served with bone marrow butter on French farm toast.  Seasonal roasted vegetables followed, and were rounded out with the meats: beef shank, tongue, and cheek.  The fourth and final course was prepared by Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott and consisted of baba au whiskey with pastry cream and crème anglaise.  The meal was nothing short of amazing.

Just as amazing was the quality of presentations that night.  In addition to Field Trip, the line-up included Leone Reeves and Megan Mantia (complete with Rihanna and glow sticks), and Charlie Mylie and Abbe Findley with Pequignot Palace.  The $878 Bread Grant was awarded to Charlie and Abbe and will go towards funding their artist residency program in northern rural Missouri.

Many, many thanks to Howard and the entire Rieger crew, all of whom worked the event without pay.  We’d also like to thank Paul Ingold for capturing beautiful images of the night, Farm to Market for their ever-delicious bread, Boulevard for keeping the libations and good times flowing, and, of course, all of our amazing supporters.

What a great way to start the year!

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all images taken by the wonderful Paul M. Ingold