Sunday Brunch at the Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange, featuring guest chef Eric May


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After a long break, BREAD! KC was anxious to get back in the kitchen! The last time we were all together was for the November Gala-lalala at Harling’s in 2012.   Since decided as a group to go quarterly with our events, we wanted to bring out the big guns to kick off year three of BREAD! KC. We called upon our close friend and mentor Eric May of E-Dogz, Chef at Oxbow, and Director of  Roots & Culture gallery in Chicago, as well as our mentor and personal culinary hero, Howard Hanna of the Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange.

Since brunch is such a deliciously popular phenomena in KC, we figured it was time to take a stab at it. The menu emerged out of a series of conversations between the BREAD Crew, Howard, and Eric. Few things in life beat a good Hot Brown (regional cuisine  of the south, crafted at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY, circa 1905), so we started there. Eric likes to eat his way through regional vernaculars, so as an ode to Chicago we served hot links (smoked sausage packed with garlic, sage, fennel and other goodies – made right here in KCMO by our crushes over at The Local Pig).  As a tribute to his staff and their “family dinners”, Howard prepared his famous Sriracha lime potatoes, which paired perfectly with Eric May’s famous Bloody Mary’s!  Hot-crossed buns and uovo in purgatorio (eggs in hell) were also featured on the menu.  It was hot, hot, HOT!

It wouldn’t be a proper brunch without coffee, and we’re so grateful for our dear friends at Oddly Correct.  Tyler and Randy joined us (on their days off!) and slung individual pour-over coffees all morning.

After a brief project update from former grant recipient Adam Finkelston, our BREAD chasers shared their projects on the theme of printed matter.  Editors of The Bohemian zine pitched their idea for a collaborative project with local students of a KC charter school. Undercurrent, a new zine in KC, was trying to secure funds to print their first issue, and Lindquist Press pitched an artist collaborative print portfolio to be offered through his print shop. All projects were radically awesome, but the $800 grant ultimately was awarded to Lindquist Press.  Keep an eye out for updates on the project, coming soon!

Overall, another fantastic event! We would like to thank Howard Hanna of the Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange; the Rieger crew; Eric May; our money man Kevin Jay Kinsella; Jessica Labatte; Roots and Culture; Farm To Market Bread Co.; everyone at Oddly Correct, but specifically Mike, Gregory, Tyler and Randy for their all around support and uniqueness; Jerry Fischer for a good eye and great sense of humor; Lindquist Press, Bohemian Zine, Undercurrent, and Adam Finkelston for sharing their passion and ideas; John Friend; The Local Pig; and each and everyone of you!

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