One-of-a-kind greeting cards to support BREAD! KC










As you may know, Outpost Journal, a national, non-profit print publication, has been in Kansas City for the past week, gathering information for their forthcoming Kansas City issue, which should be released this fall.

For this particular issue, Outpost worked with more than 10 local Kansas City arts organizations and individual artists to create one-of-a-kind greeting cards that they disbursed throughout the city.  The greeting cards showcase each artist or arts org’s favorite thing about Kansas City, and pay homage to Hallmark’s historical presence here. Yesterday, the Outpost gang placed each card in a different location across the city.  Read about it on the Pitch Blog here:

And now, the fun begins!  You get to hunt for these locally designed greeting cards, and for each one you find, Outpost will donate $25 to BREAD! KC!  They’ve even made it really easy by providing us with a map of the places where the cards have been distributed:

Happy hunting!

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