November collaboration with Artist INC II

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The BREAD! KC crew occasionally likes to switch things up a bit, and on a beautiful Friday night in early November, we were able to do just that through a collaboration with Diane Scott and Artist INC.  Developed for artists of all different kinds, Artist INC is a great local organization that helps creative individuals hone their business skills so that they’re better equipped to sustain their arts practices.  Artist INC II hosted a variety of workshops in fall 2012 for their fellows, which culminated in the finale BREAD! event, held at Beggar’s Table Gallery in the Crossroads.

With the help of former Artist INC fellows Rachelle Gardner and Nick Naughton, we served a clarified root vegetable broth (made from tasty produce from Howard’s Organic Fare & Vegetable Patch) over cheesy jalapeno cornbread with a side salad made with fresh greens, roasted squash, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and a mustard/maple vinaigrette.

After hearing from all 15 fellows, the community was charged with the extremely difficult task of selecting only one to receive the $1,000 grant that would help fund their project.  While attendees enjoyed their apple crisp milkshakes (hat tip, Garry Noland, for the inspiration), the winners were announced: Cory Imig and Amy Kligman of Plug Projects were awarded the funds to help expand and develop their Conduit programming that will accompany and complement future exhibitions at their gallery.

Special thanks to: Diane Scott of Artist INC; Charlotte Street Foundation; Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City; the UMKC Innovation Center; all the amazingly talented Artist INC II fellows; Farm to Market Bread Co.; Craig Howard; Rachelle Gardner; Nick Naughton; Beggar’s Table Gallery .



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