Bread! KC Rocks the Record Bar and Things to Come!

$491 Raised for Music

Sunday, September 9, 2012

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Bread! KC recently held their first ever event specifically for musician’s at the Record Bar! The Crew de Food is always trying to give everyone a chance and it was about time the music dogs had their day. This isn’t surprising considering Bread! member Andrew plays music in a band (Sneaky Creeps) and we all love to cut some serious rug! Even though this event was fairly close to the last (3 weeks after), the turn out of over 50 Kansas City art patrons, music lovers, & foodies exceeded our expectations! Not to mention that there were so many great proposals this event had 4 presenters, a Bread! KC first!

The first presenter was Wiley Cowdin. He proposed a food themed musical. Maybe it was the intriguing mix of food and music, Wiley’s irresistible charm, or Wiley’s zany yet tuneful song about onions (seen in the slideshow assisted by his friend Fritz), but it was enough to win over the audience and bring home the bread! Wiley stated his musical would be presented in late winter/early spring at the Reading Reptile. After accepting his grant he & Fritz played their now infamous Hotdog song as an encore!
Our other presenters included the brothers Beau & Ian Davidson who requested money to move their recording studio, Monarch Studio, from one floor of the Monarch building to a higher floor. This would allow them to record with less noise interference to them and to others in the building. Then John Currey, of Marimba Sol de Chiapas, gave a very informative presentation on the tradition and history of Mexican Marimba music, & requested funds to have one of their antique instruments repaired, as well as finish and promote some of their recent recorded material. Lastly, Tim Harte of Mother Russia Industries (a local music label) requested money to keep the label afloat. Since Mother Russia Industries promotes a creative commons approach to their music as well as inexpensive all ages shows, much of their money, as of yet, is not recouped. Tim explained the label’s music philosophy, then gave the audience a taste of some of his Gameboy, 8-bit beats.

As many of you know the Record Bar is a local KC business notable for their mid-size concerts ranging from local rap battles to underground legends. They are also known for having some pretty solid food, especially for a bar. The Bread Crew thought we would keep with the bar theme in our menu design and include items that have beer in them! The menu featured Cheddar Ale soup & pretzel bread twists made from pale ale. We were also gifted some stellar brownies mixed with coffee grounds from our friend Justin at Latte Land. Naturally the bar was open & our great audience made Tim the Bartender’s day.

In a surprise, last minute twist Bread! KC & its audience collaborated with local artist Beth Nybeck to directly assist her in making a sculpture for her residency at the Indianapolis Art Center. Before the start of the event she placed plastic, blue tiles at everyone’s table alongside some blue markers. She then asked our audience to write down a one sentence summary of something they have learned in their lifetime. Beth, with a mockup of her sculpture, are pictured above, as well as one of the collected tiles.

Bread Events to Come!

Don’t forget, October 13th Kansas City Culture is honoring Bread! KC by throwing a fundraiser/masquerade ball! There will be beer, games, costume contests, raffles, a photo booth, a live DJ, & so much more! The event is $5 dollars, starts at 7PM and will take place at the Carriage House just west of The Levee (20 W. 43rd St, KCMO). For more information please visit

Our next Bread event will be in celebration of our second anniversary and will be held at the Local Pig! This local butcher is run & owned by a couple of good friends of ours, Alex Pope & Miles Maassen, who feel people need to know more about where the food they eat comes from & how it gets there. They also know the value of buying local. That’s why they run an ecologically responsible butcher shop that not only offers butcher classes to the community, but also sources all their meat from within 100 miles of KC. Naturally, this event will be a pig roast!!! We are currently accepting applications of any kind & would recommend you RSVP quickly! There is a seating cap on this event and if you don’t RSVP we won’t be able to host you! To RSVP for this event you MUST buy your tickets ahead of time at Since this is a special event, the tickets are $15, but remember the Local Pig has awesome food & your money will go to support a local artist! The Local Pig is located at 2618 Guinotte Ave., Kansas City, MO, we look forward to seeing you all there!

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