Coffee Girls and Remedy Food + Drink with BREAD! KC

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When Max Watson of Remedy Food + Drink first told us he wanted to cook for a BREAD! KC dinner, we were beyond excited.  When Lindsey Patterson of Coffee Girls, conveniently located next door to Remedy, offered the use of her space for the event, it seemed that the stars were aligning.  When we received three riveting and timely grant applications from Laura Isaac, Chuck Smith and Sarah Star Wilkison, we knew it was going to be a great event.  But on Sunday, July 29th, we were blown away!

Over 72 people beat the heat that day (an impressive 106°F) and joined us in support of Kansas City artists and their projects. Although the space was packed and it took some time to make it through the serving line, diners seemed pleased as soon as they had their first taste of the chilled Crenshaw melon soup with crème fraîche sorbet that Max and his crew prepared.  Gillis Growth Grove, a project started through the Gillis center for at-risk children and families, graciously donated a bounty of fresh produce, which we transformed into a wilted kale and tomato salad.  Ciabattini from Farm to Market Bread Co. rounded out the meal while Coffee Girls provided an endless supply of iced toddy.

All the presentations were of the highest quality, but the $644 Bread! Grant was ultimately awarded to Sarah Star Wilkison.  She plans to use the funds to pay performers and provide costumes for her women’s protest performance piece, which will take place throughout the Kansas City area this fall.

Thanks again and again and again to Max Watson, Remedy, and the kitchen crew; Lindsey Patterson and the Coffee Girls staff for their hospitality (and use of their dish washer!); Theo Bunch and Gillis Growth Grove; Farm to Market Bread Co.; our three amazing presenters; Kevin Kinsella, all of our loyal supporters; and, of course, our family and friends.

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