Sunday, August 19th

BREAD! KC at Reading Reptile (328 W. 63rd St, KCMO) / 5:00 pm

Join us for a good ol’ fashioned, family-friendly pie and ice cream social, with flavors designed by the preschool students at Bambini Creativi. Presentations will focus on projects benefiting adolescents and young adults (ages 15-20), and we’re still seeking applications! Application deadline for this event is August 12.

Saturday, September 8th

BREAD! KC at recordBar (1020 Westport Rd, KCMO) / 5:00 pm

In honor of our hosts, this event will be geared towards musical endeavors. Looking for funds to help support your latest recording project? Need to build overhead for some sweet merch? Desperately seeking donations so that the show choir can upgrade their sequined cumberbunds and bow ties? Send us your completed applications no later than September 1.

 Sunday, October 21st

BREAD! KC at Local Pig (2618 Guinotte Ave, KCMO) / Time TBD

October marks the two-year anniversary of the BREAD! KC project, so we’re going whole hog (literally) for this one! The gang will be breaking out the picnic tables for a backyard pig roast, and we want this celebration to be BIG. Anything goes in terms of presentations this month, but make ’em good! Application deadline is October 1.

 Saturday, November 17th

BREAD! KC Second Annual Gala-lalala

We have yet to determine the location, but rest assured that this fundraising event is going to be even bigger and better than the last! There will food (we’ll be adding our own little twists on some Turkey Day favorites). There will be dancing (live music and/or dj’s). There will be plenty of libations (it’s a party – duh!). There will be many, many magical moments to remember (but you have to show up).

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