Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

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The first BREAD! KC dinner of summer took place on an especially balmy evening, with temperatures hovering around 100° F for the majority of the day.   Katherine Burke graciously hosted us in her lovely (air-conditioned) Honeytree Gallery, and we kept the menu light with citrus medley water, chilled vichyssoise and French rolls from Farm to Market.  Sarah Wilkison whipped up an amazing cake for dessert – peanut butter and strawberry rhubarb filling, sandwiched between two giant slices of vanilla pound cake.

It was a close vote for the three exceptional presenters, and for the first time in BREAD! history (excepting the Gala-lalala in which Andy and Sean tied for Coffee and Toast), we had a tie!  After performing a run-off vote, Sara Cramer was awarded the $215 grant, which will go towards modernizing jewelry displays for the one-year anniversary exhibition of Handmade by Sara Cramer.

Special thanks to Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch for providing our produce this month, and thanks again to Honeytree Gallery, Farm to Market Bread Co., Sarah Wilkison, Charlotte Street Foundation, the presenters, our generous diners and all of our family and friends.

One response to “Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

  1. janet brown moss

    so glad to be a part of bread kc’s facebook/email list. Thank you.

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