Coffee, Toast, & Tips

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Those of you that attended the November BREAD! KC Gala-lalala may recall that the tables were turned that night.  Bread Boys Andy and Sean, neither knowing what the other was planning, each pitched alternative fundraising models: one using the sale of coffee, and the other using toast.  As luck would have it, they tied for votes that night.  And so, using a portion of the funds raised during the Gala-la-la-la, they created the “Coffee & Toast” cart, which made its debut at The Speakeasy in April.

Much like the typical BREAD! KC event, food was used to raise money for three creative, project-based proposals by collecting money from diners. Each Sunday during the month of April, the boys rolled out their Coffee & Toast cart, which was generously stocked with Oddly Correct coffee, white, wheat and rye breads from Farm to Market Bread Co., and lots of Shatto butter.  Diners paid $4 for coffee and toast, then cozied up to laptops arranged in the space to view the presentations online.  The suggested $6 tip was then distributed to any or all of three available tip jars, each corresponding to a proposal.  The proposals focused on the notion of spaces, places, and hubs.  Congratulations to Bread & Glitter, Creative Commissary, and Front Space, whose videos generated a total of $130 in tips.

Although we would have liked to have drawn greater attendance at The Speakeasy on Sunday’s in order to generate larger grants for these three wonderful projects, we were happy to see that each video received about 100 hits on YouTube, which is great exposure for these organizations!  By the next time the Coffee & Toast cart rolls out, we hope to have addressed many of the issues we encountered this time around so that it’s able to function as a truly successful alternative fundraising model.

A very special thanks to Oddly Correct for the coffee and pour over training, Farm To Market Bread Co., Shatto Milk Company for making such delicious butter, Charlotte Street Foundation, Urban Culture Project’s La Esquina space, all the presenters, our generous toasters, and all our family and friends.

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