March Bread Funds Curatorial Proposal

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Photos by Paul M. Ingold

On March, 25th Bread IV was honored to be hosted by our good friends at the H&R Block Artspace. Bread members Sean & Andrew have a long history with this venue. As students they attended many of the Artspace’s exhibitions, and upon graduating exhibited their work as part of the Artspace’s annual BFA exhibition. Needless to say, the Artspace has played a major role in both Sean and Andrew’s development as young artists, and the Artspace’s long time director, Raechell Smith, has been ever present as a mentor.

To pay homage to the Artspace, the Bread Crew decided to host an event that would grant money to one curatorial project while referencing past Artspace exhibitions. The winning curatorial project came from Julia Cole and was entitled “Beating the Bounds.” This project focuses on the symbolic reenactment of a custom that marks publicly held space and details how to protect that space. The piece will include seven artists and is planned as part of the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Frontier exhibit, now open at the Paragraph Gallery downtown. The grant total for this event was $441! Good job KC!

The exhibitions referenced during the dinner had all moved the Bread Crew in some way, so it was only fitting that the crew host a scripted dinner performance that might do the same. Apart from the Bread Crew’s request that all guests first participate by wearing special art handler’s gloves, each course served coincided to a specific exhibition.  Similarly, the dinner was opened by an introduction, as is customary for Raechell to when opening an exhibit or presenting the artist. Some of the exhibitions referenced included Harrison and Wood’s exhibit Answers to Questions in the form of Blue Gatorade;  Stairway to Heaven,  an exhibition focused on changing Chinese urban culture, was represented by spicy soup on a stick, which is a Chinese street food; and Cryptozoology, referenced by crackers and bread made to look like “Crypto bones.” Finally the event was closed with an essay printed on a red velvet cake (a Bread KC collaboration with morsel and Hy-Vee) that detailed what the Bread Crew saw as the Artspace’s impact on the KC community. This essay can be read below.

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