BREAD! 2/26/12, $302 Grant!

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This was a very special BREAD!, due to the fact that it was completely designed and organized by our newest member, Erin Olm-Shipman. Since last May, she has graced us with not only her presence, but also her culinary expertise and her ability to organize spreadsheets. Erin was officially inducted with the gift of a “Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Gallery Soup Cookbook”.
Erin’s Aphrodisiac Menu:
Honey ginger “Let’s Make Love” tea (“Let’s Make Love” is a blend from Phoenix Herb)
Curried carrot soup
Kalamata olive bread
Toasted almond cake with whipped cream and strawberries macerated in rose water (courtesy of the bakery she co-owns, morsel)

LOVE to everyone that came out to our very HOT Valentine’s Day themed BREAD!. The meal generated a $302 BREAD! grant and was awarded to Kevin Bryce for his documentary project focused on the 31st and Troost Avenue neighborhood, We Are Superman. All projects that applied were documentary pursuits.

 Thanks again to all our presenters, Cameron Gee Photographee for hosting, KC Door To Door Organics, Farm To Market Bread Co, and especially all our supporters that showed up!

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