The First In A Spree of BREAD! Updates


Hello all! We at BREAD! KC realize that it has been a little while since we have updated and would like to assure you we are once again back on track. Before we review BREAD’s October event at KCAI, we would like to remind you that The next BREAD! event will be held Sunday, February 26, 5 PM at Cameron Gee Photographee, which is located at 2010 Baltimore Ave, #305. This event will be planned and designed by Erin Olm-Shipman of BREAD! and it will be aphrodisiac themed!  Please RSVP through email to Seating is not limited, but it would be nice to have an accurate number  of how many hungry micro-philanthropists we will be serving 🙂

Also, we would like to update you all on some of the things our past winners have done through their BREAD! grant:

Ayla Rexroth, Director of the Subterranean Gallery; Jessica Rogers, Co-Owner/Operator of Cartwheel; and Nick Naughton, Co-owner of La Cucaracha Press.


For October, BREAD! hosted an old school, brown bag special at the Kansas City Art Institute! KCAI is the Alma Mater for both Sean and Andrew of BREAD!, so in a way the whole event was a throw back for the crew. We also wanted to give back to the school, so we choose to do it in the form of creating student opportunity. All The presenters were students; they included Rebekka Federle, David Hanes, and Marianne Laury.

The Brown bag special followed the archetype of an elementary school brown bag lunch, and used single serving, self contained food items, and classic school lunch foods. It included a sandwich (bananas and honey with handmade cashew butter on wheat bread), some snack food (home cooked potato chips with celery seed and S&P), a fruit (apple or orange), a sweet beverage (Blue Sky Soda), and dessert (brownie or rice krispy) inside a custom printed brown bag.

As an added bonus all students could attend for half price, as the school had promised to match the contribution of any student who attended!

The winner of the 11th Bread event, and the $720 grant, was Rebekka Federle. Rebekka proposed a project in which she flew to Maine to conduct interviews with her maternal relatives while also learning some of their craft skills, specifically cooking and quilting.

We would like to thank all the staff and faculty of KCAI that helped make this possible, but we would specifically like to thank Zoë Pedziwiatr, Gina Golba, and Albert Macias (for letting us use the kitchen!). We would also like to thank Door to Door Organics and Farm to Market Bread Co. for their generous donations, Paul Ingold our photographer, and Vahalla Studios for letting us use their silk screening facilities! Lastly we would like to thank all our friends and family, and the KC community that has consistently supported us.


BREAD! was fortunate enough to get some feedback from their audience at KCAI and we would now like to respond to some of those comments;

Firstly, in regards to our lecturers’ department of origin, it was a complete coincidence that they were all from sculpture. The BREAD! Grant Application did not ask applicants to specify their department and we had also never met nor knew anything about 2 of the 3 presenters prior to their application submission. One of these applicants was a Sophomore and therefore could never have attended KCAI with Andrew or Sean, and the other was a Canadian exchange student who had not attended the school prior to late August, 2011. Sean and Andrew gradauted from KCAI May, 2010.

In regards to the expressed frustration that the presenters were presenting studio projects as opposed to community projects, we at BREAD! have never stated that ONLY community project based proposals will be accepted nor will we ever. As you may know BREAD! KC has an open application policy where the only prerequisite is the applicant must be living in the KC area. We thought studio projects were appropriately analogous to the nature of the KCAI environment, and decided to go with that when selecting applications.

Lastly we would like to apologize for the failure to properly process a couple hard copy applications we received, and ensure you that while are always trying to improve or program, we do make honest mistakes as well.

That’s all for this update, more to come soon. We hope to see many of your smiling faces February 26!

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