BREAD! KC at La Cucaracha Press/City Arts Project

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On September 25th, 2011,  The print crew at La Cucaracha Press/City Arts Project hosted a crowd of over sixty people for Bread ! KC’s 10th dinner event and we couldn’t have be more pleased. Our guest chef was Katy Watson from Bistro Kids Farm 2 School Lunch Program, Their mission states “We are a farm 2 school lunch program that provides healthy lunches to school children. We support our local farmers within a 200 mile radius of the schools, buying fresh, organic veggies, fruit and meat whenever possible. We also stress food education to our students as well. Healthy food is a lifestyle and we want to provide our students as well as parents a nutritional education that can last a lifetime.” Watson and the BREAD! Crew made a Pear and Butternut Squash soup, Zucchini Fall Harvest Salad, FTM Pumpernickel and Wheat Rounds, and Peach Cobbler for desert. The Bread Grant generated was a total of $627 dollars given to Cartwheel (, which puts our grand total so far at $4,357 dollars !

This BREAD! KC event was a special one because The International Soup Network (which includes us!) was invited to participate in Creative Time’s “Living As Form” exhibition on October 1-2, 2011, in New York City. As a result they decided to host a large Sunday Soup Grant Event in which all the affiliates, including BREAD! KC, were invited to apply. More info about Living As Form here:

The main goal of our participation in the exhibition is to highlight and support the International Soup Network as well as to facilitate the growth of new programs.

Using the crowd at this BREAD! event, we shot a one minute video to apply for our grant through the support of the Network and Creative Time. The micro-granting dinner was hosted in New York on October 1st. They have not released the winner yet but there were eleven applicants. Greatest regards to the winner, we are ecstatic to be involved, supported and creating a larger network.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, ate and voted, Chef Katy Watson, La Cucaracha Press boys for doing our dishes and hosting us/City Arts Project for the kindness and space, Door to Door, FTM Bread Co, and many others.

All photos except four of them are by Paul Ingold.

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