America Now and Here: BREAD !

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America: Now and Here hosted a fantastic BREAD ! Event on May 12th. It was our first time offering a sliding scale which starts at a $10 minimum. We generated a unprecedented amount of $1065. Our grand total stands at $2400 in micro grants around the greater KC area ! Marlee Stempleman kicked off the event by talking about how she used the BREAD! grant for her amazing poetry group the Troubadours.  The Menu was a Golden Beet Soup in a Sourdough bread boule, Veggie kabab (our own woven version) and for dessert we offered deep-fried watermelon. Drinks: Ginger Lemonade and assortment of Amigoni Wines !

Rob Lugo was awarded the grant but he generously donated half of it back to BREAD! KC. We thank you Rob. More about the Bread Winner in the Grantees tab. (more info soon)

Special thanks to the ANH Crew, ANHKC volunteers, we could not have done it with out you all. Amigoni Vineyards, Door to Door Organics, Farm To Market Bread co, Paul M. Ingold-our amazing photographer, Tyler Fox (our guest chef) and all the participants who ate, voted, and supported.

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