BREAD! at SBG 3/20/11

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On Sunday, March 20th, 2011 marked the 5th BREAD! KC sunday soup. Andrew Lyles’s Spray Booth Gallery hosted the event, SBG is a great new art venue located in the back of Volker Bicycles on 18th st. The March Menu consisted of an Chef Andrew’s Bean Spread on a fresh Farm To Market French Baguette, a Green Soup with Pistou and Homemade Ice Cream made by Guest Chef’s Sarah Star and Don W.

The Subterranean Gallery pitched three ideas for shows, programs and events to take place over the next year. Ayla Rexroth who runs the underground apartment gallery talked about her new programing and public critic series called One Night Stands. In which select artists, friends and guest critics will have a one night exhibition/critic session with a sleep over and breakfast !  Clayton Skidmore is currently curating and exploring the history of GIF animations across the interwebs in which will accumulate into a show at SUB-Gallery. Carmen Moreno plans to have a fully functional science lab in the SUB-Gallery for a exhibition within the year.

The Bread Winner was Ayla’s One Night Stand Programing! $150 BREAD Grant was generated. A total of $ 1,050 dollars have been given out since our start in October !

Future dates : April 17th at 5 Pm in conjunction with The Dining Room exhibition at UCP’s Paragraph Gallery.

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