BREAD! at Grand Arts & The Imaginative Reinvention of Education Symposium

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Bread ! KC for the Imaginative Reinvention of Education Symposium was a HUGE success. Not only did we cook for the largest amount of people thus far (Over 70) we also raised a $490 Bread Grant !!!!!! The three presenters were all previous Bread Winners (Theo Bunch, Ashley Miller and Marlee Stempleman) due to their projects dealing within the realms of education, Chef Andrew and I thought they would be a good fit for this special event. In the end, Marlee Stempleman and her Troubadours won the $490 Bread Grant !

*”The Turner Troubadours¬†will use the grant to bring in local artists to collaborate with the students and/or take part in a workshop this spring, help pay for publishing costs of the upcoming Troubadour poetry book, and create a Troubadour/Bread scholarship for students that will attend college.”-From the Grant Application.

The Menu was a Roasted Garlic and Lemon Soup paired with a French Farm Loaf, generously donated by Farm To Market Bread. Andrew’s Chef Salad which is Baby Greens with Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Mushrooms, Walnuts, Olives and Grapes…..

We would like to Thank: Grand Arts and its Staff for the help/support, Farm To Market Bread Co, Jenny Vergara, Seth Johnson, Leila Hybl, Julia Cole, everyone at the symposium, and everyone who participated in BREAD !

ps. Be on the lookout for Shirts, Cookbooks and Aprons !

photos: By Chef Andrew and Leila Hybl……

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